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Media Placements – 02/12/20

February 12, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 02-12-2020

This week, CNN states “move over, kale. There’s a new celebrity in the produce aisle: mushrooms.” The in-depth article spotlights mushrooms for their rising popularity, health benefits, and sustainability.

Clean Eating Magazine highlighted mushrooms as the “only plant source of naturally occurring vitamin D” in a roundup of 6 other food sources containing the vitamin.

In the trades, Produce Business ran a 3-page feature on mushrooms with nod to the Council and The Blend™.





This week, Mushroom Council shared the next monthly “Meet a Mushroom Farmer” post which was met with very positive responses and engagements from fans. If you’d like to feature a mushroom grower, please reach out to Heather ([email protected]). 

“My favorite part of growing mushrooms is the challenge that comes with the whole process. There are so many stages throughout the composting and growing cycle that need to be done properly for you to be successful. Working with our team to overcome these challenges is definitely the part I love the most.” – Jason Patterson, mushroom farm manager

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