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Media Placements – 01/29/20

January 29, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 01-29-2020

Trend coverage continues this week in outlets such as Baltimore Magazine, Luxe Beat Magazine and The Daily Times (Tenn.) as well as from product innovation firm Mattson. Baltimore Magazine highlights the Blended Burger Project for the trendiness factor for chefs and also includes the sustainability benefits of the initiative.

The increase in mushroom sales gained coverage in The Packer this week. Peter Wilder, marketing director at To-Jo Mushrooms, was quoted saying the rise in demand shows that “mushrooms are remaining top of mind for consumers.”





The Mushroom Horoscope posts continue to engage and excite fans. This latest set of posts shared Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn and resulted in:

  • 1,100+ link clicks to Horoscope blog post
  • 160+ Shares
  • Comments include:
    • I got my favorite mushrooms
    • What a synchronicity!! I’m a quadruple Sagittarius and I literally just bought an oyster mushroom grow kit and started it with my kids. I’ve never had them before or even came across them until today. What are the odds I would see this on Facebook and it just so happen that Sagittarius aligns with oyster mushrooms?

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