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Media Placements – 01/22/20

January 22, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 01-22-2020

With the rise of plant-based and flexitarian conversations, Modern Farmer outlined the benefits of The Blend online this week. A 2018 Blended Burger Project winner, Fiore Moletz, was featured in the article for his burger and use of The Blend, explaining that “‘The most important thing for me with the blend is that it’s healthy and it’s sustainable,’ he says.”

The Blend and mushrooms are continuing to be featured in 2020 trends lists. Forbes suggests “mushroom and beef burgers” as a “great example” for consumers to meet in the middle.

The American Mushroom Institute release on mushroom volume and prices received placements in trade publications Fresh Plaza and Perishable News.





The Mushroom Horoscope posts continue to engage and excite fans. This latest set of posts shared Leos, Virgos and Libras and resulted in:

  • 539+ link clicks to Horoscope blog post
  • 102+ Shares
  • Comments include:
    • I’ll try mine…not sure I’ve had them before
    • Aquarius and Pieces here: Beech and Oyster are our favorites! Pretty interesting
    • Libra ♎️ ⚖️, and vegan. Perfect! 
    • i absolutely love mushroom burgers. Sssooo me
    • Yay! Posting to my feed
    • Leo, I haven’t tried maitake, guess I will now

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