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February 5, 2018

Mushrooms in the News: 2-2-18

Mushrooms continue to stay top-of-mind in the culinary world thanks to their superfood qualities and versatility. Top highlights include:

  • The February issue of Men’s Journal includes mushrooms in a full-page spread, touting their unique health benefits and the benefit of the Blend technique.
  • Food & Wine posted a roundup of ‘31 Mushroom Recipes to Make Now.’
  • Cosmopolitan says “Mushrooms are the New Kale.”
  • The Packer spotlighted our “I’m a Blenditarian Because…” campaign.


Blend Coverage

Mushroom Nutrition, Recipes and Other News


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MC Facebook: Balance those hearty winter meals with a brothy bowl of Enoki Miso Noodle Soup. ? Recipe:

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Blenditarian Facebook: We love classics and we looove mushrooms. It only made sense to combine them to make What are your fav burger toppings?

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MC Twitter: Upgrade your game day spread with Mushroom Veggie Burgers. #MeatlessMonday #MushroomMonday

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Blenditarian Twitter: This February, we’re planning the perfect date night – and it involves mushrooms, meat and a whole lotta love. Join February’s #BlenditarianChallenge for a chance to win $250!

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MC Instagram: It is quite beautiful sometimes just how simple dishes can be like this Enoki Noodle Soup. #NationalSoupMonth


Blenditarian Instagram: Looking for a better breakfast? Add mushrooms! ? Not only do these savory blended sausages taste better, they are rich in nutrition. Thanks for the delicious recipe @tsp_basil!


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