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January 19, 2018

Mushrooms in the News: 1-19-18

This week, more than 15 daily news publications in Pennsylvania and beyond shared ‘THE TREND IS TO BLEND: Meat-and-mushroom recipes to try tonight,’ spotlighting the blended burger at the PA Farm Show.

An article in Outside Magazine titled ‘Get Ready for Mushrooms to Take Over the World’ notes “One thing driving industry growth is that chefs are becoming obsessed with fungi. The James Beard Foundation is even hosting the Blended Burger Project, where chefs create “burgers” using at least 25 percent chopped mushrooms as part of their patties.”

New York Times asks: “What is the Health and Nutritional Value of Mushrooms?” and cites the Mushroom Council as it breaks down the nutrient profile of a mushroom.

Parade included mushrooms in a roundup of ‘8 Top Food Trends of 2018’ touting the flavor and nutrition benefits of culinary fungi. “Our prediction: vegan mushroom broth will be the next bone broth and mushroom toast will give ever-popular avocado toast a run for its money.”


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