Mushrooms Are for Kids!

March 17, 2022

Meet the Mighty Mushroom

Is it a bird? A plane? No – it’s Mighty Mushroom here to add flavor and nutrients to your meals!

Mushrooms in Schools is here to introduce you to our superhero – Mighty Mushroom! Join Mighty through adventures as we learn more about mushrooms. Our first trip is to a farm to visit with friends, “Mighty Mushroom & Friends”.

This printer-friendly book [add website link] is perfect for students in head start, kindergarten, or day care! “Mighty Mushrooms & Friends” has been specifically curated for teachers (and parents!) to read with students. Each page has a nutrition question for your students to engage with the book. After reading the book together, we recommend using our Farm to School activity sheet.

Is Mighty Mushroom the hero we’ve been waiting for?

Yes! Adding mushrooms to meals provides many benefits – most notable are flavor and nutrition. Across the country students are requesting meals with more flavor, healthy ingredients, and sustainable practices (that’s where mushrooms come in). Once students try mushrooms, they love them! 

Introducing new foods to students can be a difficult task (see our Mushroom Tasting blog for tips!), which is why Mighty Mushroom is here to help students discover mushroom benefits. Mushrooms in Schools will be releasing new materials to pique students’ interest, like our Coloring Page. Use our “I Tried It!” stickers for those students who tried a menu item with mushrooms (Need ideas? Check out our recipes).  

Get the celebration started!

For your classroom National Nutrition Month celebration, Mushrooms in Schools has you covered with prepared lessons. Check out our Classroom Curriculum for Prek-5th grade lessons. We would also recommend utilizing our Farm to School resources to immerse students in mushroom agricultural practices. 

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