🏠 Perfect Your Mushroom Game at Home 

May 1, 2024

With the Mushroom Council resources, eating more mushrooms and preparing them at home has never been easier! Mushrooms are good for you, your students, and the planet – in honor of Earth Month, we’re promoting mushroom resources to use both in the classroom and at home.

Mushrooms at Home

When students sample and learn about mushrooms in school, they’ll be eager to share what they’ve learned at home. The Mushroom Council website is full of resources (listed below) that parents and children can use together (and at daycare centers!). 

  • How-to Videos – learn all about mushroom selection, storage, preparation, and beyond 
  • Mushroom varieties – nutritional information, preparation tips, and recipes for nine different types of mushrooms
  • Health benefits – learn about how mushrooms offer a nutritional boost
  • Sustainability facts – the mighty mushroom is healthy on the plate and gentle on the planet
  • Recipes – put your chef hat on and get ready to cook mushrooms
  • Youtube Channel – fun, hands-on mushroom-focused videos featuring recipes, mushroom facts, and more.  

Mushrooms are Made for Earth Month (and beyond!)

🌎 Healthy on the plate, gentle on the planet – put mushrooms in the center of the plate during Earth Month and all year long! Learn more about mushrooms’ sustainability story HERE.

Fast Mushroom Facts

  • Producing 1 pound of mushrooms only requires 1.8 gallons of water 💦 and 1 KWH of energy 💡
  • One acre of land can grow 1 million pounds of mushrooms 😱
  • Mushrooms grow in beds of composted agricultural materials and are recycled into potting soil after harvest 🌱

Download the full sustainability report HERE!

Additional Farm-to-School Resources

Learn more about how mushrooms are grown with our Farm to School toolkit, which provides ready-to-go classroom and cafeteria materials to promote local mushrooms and their environmental benefits.

Meet Taco Tuesday’s Next-door Neighbor: Mushroom Monday

What better way to celebrate Earth Month than to join in on mushroom madness each week! Mushroom Monday is a weekly event where we can all gather around the plate to enjoy one of the most delicious, nutritious, and Earth-friendly foods: the fresh mushroom. 

Celebrate this weekly tradition at your favorite restaurant, in your home kitchen, or at your local grocery store. Show us how you ’shroom! Use the hashtag #MushroomMonday to share your favorite mushroom meals.

Recipe Spotlight

Mushroom & Black Bean Burger

Mushroom Sheet Pan Dinner

Kids Eat Mushrooms Too Recipe Contest – Child Care

📣 Calling all mushroom lovers! Do you have what it takes to inspire the next generation of mushroom lovers? Here’s your chance to prove it – enter your favorite mushroom recipe in the Kids Eat Mushrooms Too recipe contest! 

The Child Care contest opens on April 30th. Submit your favorite recipe that utilizes fresh mushrooms deliciously and innovatively by June 30!

  • First Place Grand Prize: Registration for the National Child Nutrition Conference or National Head Start Conference (winner’s choice) in 2025
  • Second Place Prize: Two Mushroom Grow Kits and Five Mushroom T-Shirts 
  • Third Place Prize: Three Mushroom T-Shirts and Three Mushroom Sunglasses

For more information, head over to our website here. Be sure to sign up for the School Nutrition newsletter (yes – there’s a school recipe contest too!) or CACFP newsletter to stay updated with the latest!

#KidsEatMushrooms2 Create Waves

If you are planning to add more mushrooms to your menus, we would love to see what you and your students are cooking up!

Tag us on your Facebook and/or X (Twitter) post to win a Mushrooms in Schools T-shirt. 

Every time you share your recipes, we will feature you in our “Mushrooms on the Menu” newsletter (want to subscribe? Click here). We want to celebrate all the hard work you and your team do. 

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