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Media Placements – 12/27/2021

December 28, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 12-27-2021

Bon Appetit shared mushroom recipes as part of their top Vegetarian recipes for 2021 on Facebook, and Cooking Chew shared a list of their 11 favorite Portobello mushroom recipes. Allrecipes shared a tasty meatless ziti, and the Washington Post shared their take on Tetrazzini.

Cooking tips were also a popular topic this week, due to holiday meal planning. Insider provided a tip on how to perfectly sauté mushrooms, and Tasting Table shared a guide for identifying mushrooms and how to best cook each variety.






Top Posts

One of the top posts from this week was an engagement post that asked Mushroom Council’s Facebook fans to tell us their favorite recipe that uses more than one mushroom variety. Responses included:

  • “I enjoyed my mushroom pot roast… but the only thing I could think of while eating it was, boy… I wish there were more mushrooms in here… next time I make it I’m adding more types of mushrooms to the dish.”
  • “My mushroom crostata! For the filling, you can use whatever is available and mix and match however you choose. A little leeks, perhaps marsala, crumbled feta and a finishing touch of sea salt with black truffle on the crust. Yum!”
  • “Chinese Chicken and Three Mushrooms!”

The second most popular post was a recipe share of the Council’s Mushroom, Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tart.

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Post Performance:

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