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Media Placements – 05/17/2021

May 17, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 05-17-2021

Parade shared 125 ways to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. The article suggests mushrooms in a handful of solutions, including to “opt for mashed mushrooms instead of ground meat.” For those who aren’t “ready to totally nix the ground meat, then mix [mushrooms] in. Mix that mashed-up mushroom with your lean ground meat of choice. By cutting the mixture in half, you’re still getting a handful of nutrients from the veggies.”

Women’s Health published a recipe for a Mushroom and Beef Blended Burger this week, noting that “a mix of meat and ’shrooms makes for a hearty yet light protein, and the veggie topping completes this salad-meets-sammie meal.”

The Blended Burger Contest was included in Catersource’s list of hot industry news for Saturday, May 8. 

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