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Media Placements – 04/03/2023

April 3, 2023

Mushrooms in the News: 04-03-2023

Tasting Table highlighted 14 Ways To Turn Mushrooms Into Plant-Based Meat from recreating shredded pulled pork to bacon and wings: “There are endless ways to turn mushrooms into plant-based meat, and for culinary creatives, the challenge can be quite exciting.” 

The New York Times highlighted mushroom popularity in a recent article, Mushroom Mania. The article shared, “Not only do we want mushrooms to eat and drink and wear and heal, we also want mushrooms to sit on, sleep on and adorn our homes with. Put simply, there is currently a demand for (and very likely supply of) mushroom-themed anything and everything.” 

Epicurious shared a deep dive into various mushroom varieties and how to prepare them in a recent article, 15 Types of Mushrooms and How to Cook With Them. The article stated, “Prized for their versatility and meat-like heft and texture, mushrooms are popular worldwide—and they come in many forms.” 

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Spring has sprung and social media fans are ready for fresh salads! When blanched in salted water, lion’s mane mushrooms remarkably take on a flavor and texture of succulent shellfish such as crab or lobster, making them a perfect ingredient for a plant-forward version of the classic Crab Louie salad. Find the recipe here

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