Make Your Culinary Skills “Portable”

January 17, 2023

Take your kitchen’s culinary skills up a notch by adding portabella mushrooms to your child nutrition menus. Portabella mushrooms are full of nutrients while being a sustainable, local ingredient that every student will love. Spice up your menus with a grab and go recipe option, cost-effective ingredient, and trendy vegetarian meal by adding portabella mushrooms. 

Let’s get those portabella mushrooms in the kitchen and start cooking!  Mushrooms in Schools created brand new #childnutrition recipes for your school nutrition programs. Here’s the All-Star line up:

Once you select the Portable Portabella Burger recipe, follow these pro tips for prepping the portabellas:

  • Portabella mushrooms can be ordered with just the caps (top of the mushroom), the caps with the stem, or the cap, stems and roots attached. 
  • For most of these recipes, we are highlighting the portabella mushroom cap. During preparation, remove the stems by cutting them off at the base with a paring knife. Don’t throw away the stems because you can use them in other recipes.
  • Do not soak the portabella caps. This washes away flavor and texture.
  • Roast the portabella caps upright (gills up) and do not flip during the cooking as this causes flavor and moisture to swell in just the center part of the cap.

For more tips and tricks on procuring portabella mushrooms, click here for more resources.

Food Safety and Culinary Training

Looking for a training for your team? Mushrooms in Schools has you covered with our Layers of Flavors Culinary Training (approved for 1 CEU). Additionally, use our Mushroom Storage and Handling poster for a quick team meeting. 

Put Your Culinary Skills to the Test

Mushrooms in Schools wants to see your child nutrition mushroom recipes. We would love to see your team’s Portable Portabella Burger. Tag us on your Facebook and/or Twitter post and you can win a Mushrooms in Schools t-shirt.

Every time you share your recipes, we will feature you in our “Mushrooms on the Menu” newsletter (want to subscribe? Click here). We want to celebrate all the hard work you and your team do.

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