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    Finely-chopped, umami-rich mushrooms blend seamlessly into ground meat dishes creating a meal students are sure to crave. In taste tests, students found the beef-mushrooms blends to be very appealing, juicy, savory, and palatable.

    Why The Blend™ in Schools?

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    Make the most of your USDA foods and proteins by blending with mushrooms. Scratch-made entrees that taste delicious, are easy to prepare, and feature whole ingredients? Mushrooms + meat = a winning combination!

    Not sure if blending is right for your district?

    We’ve developed a variety of recipes, in collaboration with districts across the country, that highlight the umami flavors mushrooms are famous for – while keeping prep easy and costs low. Our recipes are student-tested and approved – and often preferred over their meat-only counterparts!

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    Mushroom au jus absorbs into the USDA Beef Crumbles and Turkey Crumbles, creating a moist, tender and flavorful entrée.

    How do the mushrooms credit in the burger?

    Mushrooms credit as an “other” vegetable, generally counting for 1/8 cup served vegetable credit in the burger. When served with vegetable toppings or marinara sauce The Blend™ can often count as a 1/2 cup vegetable serving.

    Do I tell students mushrooms are in the recipe?

    Mushrooms can be treated as any other ingredient included in your menu items. List them in ingredient lists but there is no need to specifically list mushrooms in the item name.

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