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    Mushrooms are the perfect companion to classroom learning. From mushroom nutrition to growing and processing, our resources can be used to reinforce and promote nutrition and sustainability education with your students.

    Celebrate National Nutrition Month!

    These easy-to-use nutrition education lessons are all about feeding your immune system! Use our resources to host a fun, quick activity where your students can learn more about eating a variety of foods throughout the week.

    Elementary Nutrition Education

    Use our bingo card for a fun competition to try new foods. As your students try new food items (and learn about the nutritional benefits) for the week, they can mark each food to win BINGO!

    Secondary Nutrition Education

    Secondary students will have a harder challenge to identify their favorite foods and meals that include vitamins and minerals as well as learning about RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). As the students try new foods, they can stamp off another vitamin or mineral on their journey to support their immune system. This booklet is easy to print (using only 2 pages!) and fold!

    Mighty Mushroom is Back!

    Mighty Mushrooms in the Kitchen

    Mighty is back to teach us about food safety! Join Mighty create a tasty meal.

    Mighty in the Kitchen

    After your students read Mighty Mushroom in the Kitchen, use our coloring page as a fun activity.

    Mighty Mushroom & Friends Book

    Mushrooms in Schools is here to introduce you to our superhero – Mighty Mushroom! Join Mighty through adventures as we learn more about mushrooms. Our first trip is to a farm to visit with friends, “Mighty Mushroom & Friends”.

    Farm to School Activity Sheet

    This printer-friendly book is perfect for students in Head Start, kindergarten, or day care! “Mighty Mushrooms & Friends” has been specifically curated for teachers (and parents!) to read with students. Each page has a nutrition question for your students to engage with the book. After reading the book together, we recommend using our Farm to School activity sheet

    Mushroom Fun Facts:

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    Resources for Educators

    Mushroom Madness!

    In this unit students will learn that mushrooms are healthy for our bodies and good for the planet. Teachers will lead students through a series of lessons that will prepare them for helping the kitchen staff cook a healthy mushroom recipe.

    Lesson 1: How Do Mushrooms Grow?

    Students will learn how mushrooms are grown, their health benefits and how they promote environmental sustainability.

    Lesson 2: Classifying Mushrooms

    Students will learn about the different types of mushrooms and will use the five senses to describe the characteristics and attributes of different mushrooms.

    Lesson 3: Cooking with Mushrooms

    Students will work together with the cafeteria staff to prepare a healthy mushroom avocado quesadilla recipe.




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