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Media Placements – 07/22/2020

July 23, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 07-22-2020

The growing market for specialty mushroom varieties was detailed in The Kansan this week. Wichita-based Myers Mushrooms is highlighted for their growing practices and work in the specialty sector, with supporting insight and data from American Mushroom Institute and the Mushroom Council 

Mushrooms earned a placement in a list of “The 20 Healthiest Vegetables You Can Eat, According to Top Nutritionists” on Yahoo! this week. “Cooked or raw, mushrooms are low in calories and contain unique types of antioxidants which protect our cells, fight oxidative damage, and gift us with lots of healthy plant protein,” the article notes.

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition suggested king oyster mushrooms as a meat substitute. This variety makes a great option because it “has a very thick, edible stalk with a tender, meaty texture.”




Another grower profile was shared to Mushroom Council social pages last week, this one featuring Sonya Beltran! Sonya was also featured in a blog post earlier this summer, where she shared about her family’s mushroom growing operation! See the Facebook post here and the blog post here

Top Posts: 

Our top two facebook posts for the week included Sonya’s post and a yummy gazpacho recipe!

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