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Media Placements – 05/23/2022

May 23, 2022

Mushrooms in the News: 05-23-2022

PureWow – a lifestyle digital news outlet – declared mushrooms the nation’s trendiest food. “First, it was kale. Then, it was cauliflower. Now, the mushroom—yes, the most divisive item in the produce section—is the trendiest vegetable (er, fungi) of our era.”

The Mushroom Council continued its partnership with Food Network for this year’s iteration of the Blended Burger Contest. Celebrating the Blend, home cooks as well as professional chefs have the opportunity to enter their twist on a Blended Burger, with $10,000 and recognition in Food Network Magazine as the prize. This news earned widespread coverage this past week in trades such as The Packer, Produce News, Produce Blue Book and Perishable news.

Portabellas continue earning greater attention: Parade shared 46 portabella mushroom recipes which prove that portabellas fit with almost any cuisine. From appetizers to entrees, portabella mushrooms can be utilized in a variety of recipes. Similarly, Delish featured 21 portabella recipes.

Mashed spotlighted mushrooms as “one of the most eco-friendly foods on the planet,” citing the sustainability report’s data. 





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This week’s top posts included a recipe to celebrate National Barbecue Day, as well as the announcement for the Blended Burger Contest 2022.

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