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Media Placements – 02/19/20

February 19, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 02-19-2020

The CNN story from last week continued to gain recognition, appearing on The Kitchn and MSN with mushrooms being labeled as grocery “celebrities” and “the most popular item in the produce aisle.”

Local Arkansas burger chain, Big Orange, was featured in a segment on Northwest Arkansas ALIVE. Scott McGehee, executive chef, shared with viewers the blended Umami Burger as a healthier burger alternative.

In trade, Restaurant Business included mushrooms as a flavor to look out for. The article explains that “mushrooms’ meaty flavor and juicy texture have made them favorite meat substitutes and enhancers,” with a nod to the blended burger.





This past week, MC shared the CNN article (“Mushrooms are the new grocery aisle celebrities”) on social and our fans went crazy for it.

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  • 396 comments, including
    • Nothing better than mushrooms. All kinds
    • ALWAYS mushrooms
    • Bring it! All of em! Bring them all to the stores!?
    • If I can only have one topping on my pizza, I’m picking mushrooms (as long as they aren’t canned). If I can have one sautéed side item, I’m picking mushrooms. One fried side; mushrooms. There are a ton of different kinds of yummy mushrooms and about a bajillion ways to serve them.
    • Mushrooms are life

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