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January 8, 2018

Mushrooms in the News: 1-5-18

Happy New Year! We are hitting the ground running in 2018 with key outlets spotlighting mushrooms for their superfood qualities and blending abilities. Highlights include:

  • Frances Largeman-Roth, RD and Today contributor, included mushrooms and what she dubs “the Blenditarian movement” in a roundup of hot new food trends of 2018 on “There will be a fungus frenzy this year as consumers look for new and delicious ways to get a health boost from mushrooms,” says Largeman-Roth.
  • Restaurant Business touted “Burgers go beyond beef” as a top menu trend from 2017, mentioning blended burgers as a popular take.
  • With Beef Stroganoff being named 2017’s most Googled recipe, Bustle provided a high-level background on the dish along with four unique recipes. (Spoiler: mushrooms are a key ingredient!)
  • As consumers continue to look to food as medicine, “Functional Mushrooms” are making an appearance on nearly every 2018 food trend list, including this one from Mic.

In other news, the Council is looking forward to launching a new consumer website,, next week. Consumers can expect a clean design, updated variety and nutrition information, new recipes and ‘how-to’ videos.


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