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Media Placements – 10/28/2020

October 28, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 10-28-2020

The Pampered Chef’s Registered Dietitian, Sandy Wolner, demoed three upgraded comfort food recipes as part of the “In the Kitchen with Pampered Chef” video series. Blended Burger Sliders were suggested as a spin on traditional burgers, with a nod to mushrooms’ nutritional benefits, umami flavor and ability to stretch the protein.

The Kitchn shared a roundup of their 30 best mushroom recipes, including blended Meaty Mushroom Lasagna. “Mushrooms are a powerhouse, adding serious meatiness and deep, rich flavor everywhere they’re added,” the article explains. “You can count on this regardless of variety. Shiitakes, oysters, trumpet, and morel mushrooms always get high marks, but even basic button mushrooms have a lot to offer up.”





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Top social posts this week included a simple mushroom toast recipe (using “nutritious” language), as well as a more indulgent recipe roundup video reshared from Buzzfeed’s Tasty channel.

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