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Media Placements – 02/08/2021

February 8, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 02-08-2021

We’re pleased to share that we received an above-average amount of media coverage this week. Many of the stories are a direct result of our Q1 media outreach efforts tied to our Feed Your Immune System campaign as well as promotion of general mushroom nutrition and new nutrition research findings.

Industry-funded research published in Food Science & Nutrition and (promoted in a press release distributed 2/1/2021) found that adding a mushroom serving to the diet increased the intake of several micronutrients, including shortfall nutrients such as vitamin D, without any increase in calories, sodium or fat. To date, media coverage includes Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Slash Gear, Nutrition Insight and SciTech Daily. 

The Council partnered with Registered Dietitian, Patricia Bannan, to share the immune-boosting properties of mushrooms on “California Live,” a program that airs on NBC affiliate stations in Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay Area.  Bannan explained that “[mushrooms] have immune-supporting nutrients, like selenium, B vitamins and vitamin D. The cool thing is that mushrooms are the only produce in the produce aisle that has vitamin D, and just like humans that increase their vitamin D intake from sunlight, so can mushrooms. Just five UV-exposed mushrooms have more than a day’s worth of vitamin D.”

Maile Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief at Food Network, said “we’ll see a ton of blended products” in 2021 on an episode of Hot Takes on a Plate podcast on food trends for the year. Furthermore, she explains that “mushrooms are huge right now. Not only for their health benefits but their ability to kind of mimic meat.”

Mushrooms continue trending on trend lists, as VegNews named them the “hottest wellness trend right now” based on nutrition, sustainability and continued sales growth.

The Council’s recent campaigns were discussed on a recent episode of The Packer’s podcast, The Tip of the Iceberg.

The Mushroom Council was featured in the “Culinary Educational Resources a Click Away” story in the January Gold Medal Classroom edition announcement e-newsletter. The email was sent to more than 2,500 CAFE subscribers. The stories were also posted on CAFE’s home page, Instagram and Facebook sites.





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