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Media Placements – 02/01/2021

February 1, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 02-01-2021

Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine provided readers with solutions on how to lighten classic comfort food favorites by incorporating more veggies. For burgers, the magazine recommends “halve the amount of ground meat and replace the rest with sautéed mushrooms for fewer calories and less saturated fat with yummy umami flavor as a bonus.”

The Council’s “Hearty, Wholesome Dishes to Support Immune Systems” syndicated article has been released for distribution and has been published by several local newspapers. As part of the Feed Your Immune System campaign, the article includes insight on the nutritional benefits of mushrooms as well as four healthy recipes developed by influential dietitian Emily Weeks, RDN, LD.

Mushroom Matter, a global industry website, shared the Council’s Feed Your Immune System campaign in their January 2021 enewsletter as well as on their website. See screen capture below for enewsletter call-out.

FSR suggests blending proteins as a way to cut back on cost-per-plate while delivering comfort foods. “One example is the Blended Burger Project, a program inviting chefs to develop burger recipes replacing a quarter of the beef with some other ingredient, such as chopped mushrooms or oats,” the article explains. 

With regard to mushroom use in supplements, Nutritional Outlook published a comprehensive piece that cites the 49.9% growth in functional mushroom ingredients for the 52 weeks ending October 4, 2020.





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Top social posts this week include the “One Blend Four Ways” video showcasing how to make The Blend once and use it in four different dinners, as well as the Top Trends in Nutrition post from the Today Show. 

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