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Media Placements – 07/03/18

July 3, 2018

Mushrooms in the News: 06-29-18

This week, Allrecipes featured a blended burger in its July issue as part of a summertime grilling roundup. The editor notes “Adding chopped mushrooms to the beef boosts flavor (and sneaks in a veggie) while keeping these burgers big and juicy.”

Cliff Hudson, SONIC Corporate chairman and CEO, mentions the Slinger and its health and flavor benefits in a live interview on CNBC about SONIC’s quarterly earnings. “It (the Slinger) really helped our sales quite a bit through the spring, particularly with women.”


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Blended Burger Project:

112 #BlendedBurgerProject posts were shared in the past week on Instagram and Twitter, with the most popular posts promoting Bar SixtyFive, Twitter Cafe and Pine Plains Platter:


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MC Facebook: This salad featuring mushrooms, avocado, and mango has a delicious secret (psst… it’s sweet chili sauce). Serve atop a bed of red wheat berries and serve at your next outdoor get together for a dish that will get your guests coming back for more!Recipe

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Blenditarian Facebook: Congrats to our June #BlenditarianChallenge winners! Our winners received $250 and their recipes were automatically entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of $2,500 + an additional $2,500 donation to a local food bank. Bummed about missing out? Stay tuned for next month’s challenge starting July 1! Any guesses on next month’s #BlenditarianChallengetheme?

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MC Twitter: The secret to better tacos? Blending mushrooms into the ground meat.  #Blenditarian

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Blenditarian Twitter: Who has a good nacho pun? Drop it below while snacking on this plate of #blenditarian deliciousness. 

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MC Instagram: What would summer be without delicious food? (our answer: boring) Spice up your menu with something equally as sweet – such as this Mango Mushroom Salad!   It combines savory portabella mushrooms, creamy avocado, tart mangos, and a sweet chili sauce for a dish worth sharing with family and friends.


Blenditarian Instagram: @melissadarabian, celebrity chef, TV host, and best-selling author, is a blenditarian because…


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