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September 5, 2017

Mushrooms in the News: 09-01-17

Today officially kicks off National Mushroom Month and the launch of our ‘Shroom Cam! Follow along on social media (#ShroomCam) and at as we livestream the mushroom growing process. The Packer, Perishable News and Fresh Plaza announced the ‘Shroom Cam news.

In industry news, trade publications Perishable News, AndNowUKnow and The Produce News announced that To-Jo is selling pre-chopped mushrooms for The Blend.

Mushroom recipes popped up on popular consumer outlets such as Today and One Green Planet.


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Most Popular Social Posts
Most Popular Social Posts

MC Facebook: Buttered.Balsamic.Mushrooms.?

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Blenditarian Facebook: ICYMI: We hit up Sturgis Motorcycle Rally earlier this month to serve blended burgers. Let’s just say that we’ve got a whole new crew of #blenditarians! ?

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MC Twitter: Morel of the story: always shop for mushrooms! “NY Man Wins $5 Million Lottery While Buying Mushrooms for His Pasta”

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Blenditarian Twitter: We heard it’s #BurgerDay in the UK! Challenge to our friends across the pond: make a #blendedburger-you’ll LOVE it!

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MC Instagram: Wow! What’s your favorite mushroom/herb combo? ??


Blenditarian Instagram: Dinners Made Easy with The Blend: Put a spin on a comfort classic by blending mushrooms into your Tater Tot Casserole! What other ingredients do you mix into this hot dish? ?


Social Spotlight: #Blenditarian Dr. Gaellon shares his blended bolognese sauce:

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