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Media Placements – 03/12/20

March 12, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 03-12-2020

Mushrooms topped a list of “10 Healthy Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet” in U.S. News this week. Aside from nutritional benefits, mushrooms are called out as a “great stand-in or complement to meat;” suggesting that readers try adding 25% to 50% chopped mushrooms to ground meat to amplify flavor while cutting back on fat and calories. 

Chef and cookbook author Daphne Oz included mushrooms in her guest segment on TODAY. Mushrooms were featured as a delicious “immunity superfood” in her nutritionally ‘souped up’ chicken soup recipe.

The remix campaign continued to gain coverage in the trades. Additionally, the Mushroom Council booth at the Taste America Raising the Bar event last week was included in a recap from AndNowUKnow.





This week’s “Mushroom Madness” face-off: Stuffed Peppers vs. Stuffed Jalapenos. 

Results include:

  • 5700+ people reached 
  • 300+ votes
  • 45 people have commented with their own ideas

Mushrooms In Schools

School foodservice directors took note of the new resources on our website this week, recommending them on Facebook to others who were seeking ways to serve ramen bowls: “The Mushroom Council just put out recipes that we are going to try with a fairly easy recipe for the broth, pre-portioned noodles and chicken, and cold veggies the students can choose from to put on top.”

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