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Diversity Policy

The Mushroom Council sees the pursuit of diversity in board membership as an opportunity for embracing new ideas and growth that will enable the Council to better serve the industry. Central to this effort is having leadership to serve on the Council that reflects a diversity of perspectives and opinions. The industry population is diverse, and the Council should reflect, without discrimination, that diversity in the size of operations, experience of members, methods of production and distribution, marketing strategies, and other distinguishing factors that will bring different types of individuals, perspectives and ideas to the table.

Council Members


Region 1 (Includes all states except for CA and PA)

  • Michael Stephan, Monterey Mushrooms – 2nd Term
  • Curtis Jurgensmeyer, J-M Farms, Inc. – 1st Term

Region 2( Includes Pennsylvania)

  • Joe Caldwell, Giorgi Mushroom Company – 1st Term
  • Sonya Beltran, Masda Mushrooms/First Generation Farms – 2ndTerm
  • Meghan Klotzbach, C.P. Yeatman & Sons/Mother Earth – 1st Term

Region 3(Includes California)

  • Robert Murphy, Premier Mushrooms  – 2nd Term
  • Emily Bettencourt, Global Mushrooms – 1st Term

Region 4 (Includes Importers)

  • Jane Rhyno, Highline Mushrooms – 1st Term

Note that USDA and the Mushroom Council encourage all eligible producers, including women, minorities and individuals with disabilities to participate in the nominations and seek nomination to serve on the Council.